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The 2018 Kia Rio 5-Door, an All-Around Smart Choice


No more expensive than last year’s model, but updated and more generously equipped: the all-new 2018 Kia Rio 5-Door, now available in Orangeville at Orangeville Kia, represents an even smarter all-around choice! Ontario motorists have embraced the sub-compact format, for some very understandable reasons. While as economical as ever, vehicles in this segment now offer much-improved comfort and space and more safety features, not to mention advanced technologies. The 2018 times its arrival perfectly, especially as it brings with it a generous lot of new tech systems all the more impressive for the model’s modest price tag.

One striking example is the heated steering wheel, previously optional and now standard in all versions of the 5-door Rio. And not only is it heated, it’s leather-wrapped as well, as is the gear knob! A detail to some, maybe, but it’s a highly appreciated nod to luxury in a car that’s accessible to everyone. We love it! What’s more, there’s more space in the cabin for occupants (in the 2018 Rio sedan as well as in the hatchback, by the way).

A stylish hatchback and high-quality interior

The 2018 Rio 5-Door is a more stylish, elegant and dynamic car than before, making it more than pleasing to the eye! The consensus among reviewers, for example, is that the quality of construction and of finishing elements in the cabin is noticeably improved. The dashboard has been extensively reworked, with the display screen now placed in relief. Now available standard in the 2018 Rio 5-Door is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility - a sure crowd-pleaser! Add to that the standard backup camera and heated seats, and you know you’re getting a LOT of car for no extra money spent on options.


The new Rio 5-Door features the same engine as before but with some adjustments. The 1.6L 4-cylinder gets new programming, and now offers 130 horses of more-responsive performance, at the same time as its fuel economy has been improved. Brakes drums, meanwhile, have been replaced by disc brakes on all four wheels.

The 2018 Kia Rio is just such a versatile small car, which offers a ton of equipment for a really great price. The fuel-stingy subcompact will save owners at the pump without cramming their family and friends into a tight, anonymous cabin space. At Orangeville Kia, we’re impressed and thrilled that this attractive small hatchback has been so upgraded without that translating into higher pricing. Here are the versions we’re offering in our Orangeville showroom:

2018 Rio 5-Door LX manual, available from $16,555 (MSRP)

2018 Rio 5-Door LX+ manual, available from $18,255 (MSRP)

2018 Rio 5-Door LX+ auto, available from $19,655 (MSRP)

2018 Rio 5-Door EX auto, available from $22,605 (MSRP)

2018 Rio 5-Door EX Sport auto, available from $23,705 (MSRP)

2018 Rio 5-Door EX Tech auto, available from $25,405 (MSRP)