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2018 Kia Soul EV: Great Incentives, Zero Emissions!


Come in to Orangeville Kia and get a close-up look at the new 2018 Kia Soul EV in Orangeville today. Just as importantly, take a look at the savings you’ll benefit from driving this zero-emissions car, eligible for $14,000 in Ontario government incentives! We think you’ll be quickly convinced of the wisdom of owning this innovative, eco-friendly new car from Kia.

With a range of up to 179 km and delivering between 109 and 210 hp, the all-new 2018 Soul EV is made to be as powerful as it is quiet! These two attributes working together are not a common occurrence in the automotive domain, and for many consumers they form a valuable combination in their daily comings and goings.

The new Kia Soul EV benefits from a surprisingly stylish outer shell, a fantastic bonus for such a practical-minded car. Sporty in temperament, as indicated by its rear spoiler and supple yet responsive handling, the new Soul is all sophisticated fun in terms of its styling. Acceleration is strong, making passing on the highway a no-stress affair, and the transmission works smoothly and responsively with the motor.

Its stylish exterior design masks a highly practical asset, as the lower part of the grille niftily camouflages two electrical charging outlets. These 480-volt outlets allow you to charge your Soul EV to 80% capacity in a very impressive - and convenient - 23 minutes. And this system is far from the only highly advanced new electricity-generating element in the 2018 Soul EV: the car’s braking system helps recover energy every time you apply the accelerator or brake pedal, recharging the high-capacity battery to extend your range.

That battery, by the way, is flat-shaped making it possible for the engineers at Kia to place it under the floor, so that no interior space is sacrificed. The 2018 Soul EV’s cabin is thus maximized for room for occupants as well as cargo.

Another striking feature of the cabin is the Supervision dashboard with organic LED lights, which lets you easily manage the many innovative modules and systems in the new Soul EV. You can for example consult the battery’s charge level and the remaining range at any time, instantaneously. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility allow you to listen to your favourite music, use your navigation system to get where you need to go, check your messages and access your favourite apps using integrated voice commands.

The intelligent key and push-button start function, meanwhile, help make your life just that much easier as a car owner, as do the parking sensors that provide vital reference points to ensure you avoid scrapes and collisions. For maximum safety, latest-generation airbags are offered standard in the new 2018 Kia Soul EV.

Visit us at Orangeville Kia in Orangeville and we’ll be happy to go over all the innovative features included as standard and optional equipment in the three available versions of the new Soul EV!

Don’t forget that all versions of the new 2018 Kia Soul EV (including the Luxury edition with sunroof) are eligible for substantial rebates as part of the Ontario government incentives; here’s a quick breakdown:

Purchase incentive: $14,000

1-year lease incentive: $4,667

2-year lease incentive: $9,333

3-year lease incentive: $14,000