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Frequently Asked Warranty Questions - Orangeville Kia


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What is the warranty on a new Kia vehicle?

The following components are covered for time and mileage limits indicated, whichever comes first:

  • 5-year/100,000km Comprehensive warranty
  • 3-years/60,000km Radio and Sound Systems warranty (i.e. radio, compact disc player, and GPS), DVD system
  • 3-years/ 60,000km Paint warranty
  • 5-year/Unlimited km Anti Perforation warranty
  • 5-year/100,000km Basic emissions warranty
  • 8-year/130,000km Major emissions warranty
  • 3-years/60,000km Accessory Warranty *Dealer installed prior to delivery
  • 2-years / 40,000km Battery warranty
  • 1-year / 20,000km Adjustment warranty
  • 5-year/Unlimited km 24-Hour Roadside Assistance
  • 8-year/160,000km Hybrid system warranty [If applicable]

Refer to your Owner's Manual and Warranty Booklet for the most accurate information on your vehicle's specific model year.

To remain under warranty, where should I get my vehicle serviced?

  • We suggest going to your local Kia dealership for all maintenance related work. Book an appointment here.
  • All warranty work needs to be diagnosed and repaired at a Kia Canada authorized dealership. Dealer locator.
  • Kia dealers know Kia vehicles best, including having all the proper specialty tools to get the job done right, the first time!

To remain under warranty, what should I get serviced?

To ensure your vehicle will remain covered by Kia Canada's Warranty, we suggest going to your Kia dealership at the recommended intervals prescribed in the owner's manual, specifically Section 8. Book an appointment here. Our service department can also answer any questions you have pertaining to the maintenance schedule.

What do I need to know about recalls?

  • Recall notifications and status updates from the Manufacturer are sent via mail.
  • To determine if there are any outstanding recalls on your vehicle, check using Kia Canada's recall tool.
  • If you have an outstanding recall, please call to book an appointment.
  • Recall repairs are performed at no-charge by the manufacturer.
  • Canadian [Transport Canada] and American [NHTSA] recalls are issued independently of one another

Is my warranty valid in the United States when travelling?

  • Yes, both your Warranty and Roadside Assistance are valid in the United States when travelling.
  • To locate an American dealer, use the U.S. Dealer Locator.
  • You should not have to pay and be reimbursed after the fact. If you have any issues, please call Customer Service @ 1-877-542-2886.

What happens if I sell my vehicle before its warranty expires?

  • The warranty transfers to the new owner at no charge. Ensure to notify your local Kia dealership of the ownership change to ensure that Kia Canada's records are up to date for recall notifications.
  • Warranty start date is the day the vehicle was registered. This date can be found on your Bill of Sale (if bought new) or by contacting our Service department.
  • Ensure to provide receipts of maintenance to the new owner, to minimize potential future issues regarding warranty coverage, as there is no central database for this information.

Extended Warranties

Are there any additional vehicle protection products I can purchase for my Kia vehicle?

Yes. For more than a decade, Kia has offered extended warranty options for your vehicle. From unexpected breakdown, damage, or loss, the factory-backed Kia Plan offers coverage that protect you and your wallet from many expenses resulting from everyday driving.

What does the Kia Plan cover? Is there a deductible?

The coverage that the Kia Plan offers depends on the plan purchased. In terms of deductibles, again it depends on the plan purchased. Contact us, so that we can build and price the right package for you and your vehicle!

How and where can I get additional protection plans?

You can purchase the additional protection plans at Orangeville Kia! As pricing changes between vehicle year, model, and trim package it's best to contact us for further information! If you're interested in non-factory options we also offer Nationwide plans.

Can I add Kia Extended Plans to my Kia vehicle after the initial time of purchase?

Certain products such as Vehicle Service Contract can be added after the initial time of purchase. Please contact us to see what's available.